Beware the Wicked Villains Event

Greetings Summoners,

Welcome to the Wicked Villains Event!

Throughout this chilling month engage in a brand new PvP arena to collect Ooogie Boogie Tokens. Heads up: there’s a brand new deadly spell available in the final week too.

Plus the final week of the Event also includes special mutators!

X2 Drop Rate on Villain Nodes – Week 1 and Week 3

**NEW Spell** – The Headless Horseman: Column target, physical damage – Inflicts fear and potential magic cost increase on hit opponents


Wedding Day Gaston

Lab Coat Yzma

Fluorescent Oogie Boogie

NOT Big Bad Wolf

New Emote: 

New Talisman:

Other News: 

Simba Tokens have been removed from the Gem and Token Exchange

New Packs in the store for purchase